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25+ Best Places to Elope in Colorado


Colorado Elopement Photographer

[Updated February 2021]

Where are the best places to elope in Colorado?

Are you thinking about eloping in Colorado? Here is a list of the 25+ Best Places to Elope in Colorado and some tips on planning an unforgettable elopement experience.

We are a husband and wife, Colorado Elopement Photographer team. We’ve been photographers for 10 years and have been shooting weddings and elopements all around Colorado for the past 5 years.

We’ve been just about in every corner of the state and have found all of the best spots for eloping, as well as some secret hidden gems, that we share with our couples.

Colorado is filled with a wide array of beautiful landscapes and unique places to elope. This list doesn’t even begin to cover all of the amazing locations you could elope in Colorado.

Table of Contents

    25+ Best Places to Elope in Colorado

    1. San Sophia Overlook in Telluride
    2. Telluride, Colorado
    3. Wyman Hotel in Silverton
    4. Dunton Hot Springs
    5. Ouray, Colorado
    6. San Juan Mountains
    7. Surf Hotel in Buena Vista
    8. Maroon Bells, Aspen
    9. Independence Pass
    10. Crested Butte
    11. Piney River Ranch
    12. Vail Ski Resort
    13. Twin Lakes
    14. Camp Hale
    15. Collective Vail Retreat at 4 Eagle Ranch
    16. Great Sand Dunes National Park
    17. Breckenridge
    18. Devil’s Thumb Ranch
    19. Sapphire Point Overlook
    20. Mount Evans
    21. Guanella Pass
    22. Rocky Mountain National Park
    23. Loveland Pass
    24. Lost Gulch Lookout
    25. Garden of Gods
    26. Pikes Peak
    27. Clay in Colorado Springs
    28. Blanc Denver
    29. Moss Denver
    30. Realm Denver

    What is the best time of year to elope in Colorado?

    You can get eloped in Colorado anytime of the year. It will depend on what season you want to get eloped, if you want warm summer weather or a winter elopement or the location you want to elope is only accessible in the summer.


    June – September

    If you want access to the entire state and high elevations, this is the perfect time of year to elope. There are cooler temperatures in higher elevations, you’ll have access to some epic locations by hiking or 4×4 off roading. The winter snow melt gives life to lush green mountains and wildflowers. You’ll have an endless list of places to choose from during the summer months.


    September – November

    Fall in Colorado is magical. The mountains become flooded with the yellowest golden Aspen leaves. Warmer temps last through September. The leaves can start to change as early as late August at higher elevations but end of September/ beginning of October is when the fall tones are in abundance. It can start snowing as soon as September but generally does not begin snowing regularly until October.


    October – April

    It can snow as early as September/ October and as late as May/ June in Colorado. Getting to many locations can be limited this time of year as there are winter road closures, especially to higher elevations. However, there is an abundance of mountain locations, ski towns and ski resorts this time of year. Just be ready for it to be snowy and cold. There is nothing cozier and more intimate than a snowy Colorado winter elopement. Just bring some hot hands and extra layers and you’re good to go!


    March – June

    Although Spring starts officially in March, it can snow as late as June in Colorado! However, it will start to get warmer in lower elevations April- June. Higher elevations won’t be accessible until about June in most areas. It is still a beautiful time of year and there are plentiful of locations for spring elopements!

    Here are the 25+ best places to elope in Colorado


    One of the most iconic places to get eloped in Telluride. Located at the top of Telluride Ski Resort. It has an incredible view of the Town of Telluride. It is easily accessible by gondola which is something you can add to your elopement experience for this location.


    A mountain down nestled by 360 mountain views. Telluride is a dream location filled with endless towering mountains, jagged peaks, lush mountains, waterfalls, lakes, Telluride is an iconic Colorado landmark.

    Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride is about 20 minutes outside of town and short 4×4 drive to the base of the falls. If you want to add a hike to this location Blue Lake is a 6 mile roundtrip hike from Bridal Veil Falls if you were looking for a elopement hiking adventure close to town. Or head over to Lizard Head Pass for some open space, mountain views.

    Upper Schmid Ranch in Telluride and Alta Lakes Observatory are two other beautiful places to elope that have more amenities if you are looking to have an intimate elopement for just the two of you or with some guests.

    Telluride has abundance of epic hikes, 4×4 off roading adventures, mountain views that will make all your Colorado elopement dreams come true.


    A new boutique hotel with modern decor, nestled in the San Juan Mountains in the town of Silverton, Colorado with all the wild west charm.

    You can have all the comforts and amenities but still have the mountains part of your elopement. The San Juan Mountains are a meca for 4×4 off road adventures, leading you to high elevations, alpine lakes and unbeatable views.

    This is the perfect location for a cozy winter, mountain town elopement or an adventurous, intimate summer elopement. The Wyman Hotel is the perfect venue for a small, intimate elopement for just two people or a small group of guests. Check out the Wyman Hotel’s elopement and wedding brochure here for more details.


    How would you like to start your day relaxing in some natural hot springs?Tucked away in the southwest corner of Colorado in the San Juan Mountains, Dunton Hot Springs is a gem of an elopement location. With cozy cabins, woodsy surroundings, hikes, waterfalls, mountain views and hot springs. It is open year round and is perfect for a couple looking for an elopement for just themselves but an intimate, small elopement as well with a few guest.


    There is a reason Ouray, Colorado is called the Switzerland of America. Located in the southwestern corner of Colorado in the San Juan Mountains. 360 mountain views, tons of 4×4 off road access to higher elevations, peaks, alpine lakes. This is the ideal location for a more remote, adventure elopement. The Million Dollar Highway is one of the most scenic roads connecting you between Ouray and Silverton.


    By far one of my favorite parts of Colorado. The San Juan Mountains are filled with high, jagged mountains, old mining roads and access to higher elevations. Located in the southwestern corner of the state, it is a mecca for hikers, campers, and 4×4 off road adventures. Ouray, the Wyman Hotel in Silverton, Telluride and Dunton Hot Springs are all located in the San Juan Mountains. If you are looking for a remote, private, adventurous location to elope, the San Juan Mountains are the place.


    A modern boutique hotel in the heart of Buena Vista, Colorado. Close to adventure but with all the amenities. This is the perfect location for a small, intimate elopement with access to a variety of mountain pass, open fields with cascading mountain views.


    One of the most iconic mountain locations in all of Colorado. Maroon Bells is located in Aspen, Colorado. Offers a wide variety of aspen groves, evergreen trees, alpine lake views, redvrock and some of the most spectacular, easily accessible mountain views. This is a popular spot for good reason. If the Amphitheather isn’t available, consider a hiking elopement here if you have your heart set on this location!

    To reserve the Maroon Bells Amphitheater click HERE


    Part of the Continental Divide, Independence Pass towers at just over 12,000 ft. Accessible end of May through the end of October, this is the second highest paved road in America. It has some of the most incredible views, easy access to the top of the Pass with various pull off areas, hiking, evergreen trees and miles of mountain views. Independence Pass connects Aspen to Twin Lakes and is drivable during the warmer months.


    A beautiful snowy ski town by winter. A hikers, mountain bikers, campers, wildflower lover’s paradise by summer. Crested Butte is a playground for the adventurous. With endless mountains views, there are so many incredible picturesque spots to get eloped here. Woods Walk a great spot for to elope close to town nestled in an Aspen grove with a stunning mountain views. You can check the availability HERE. If you are interested in a remote backcountry elopement or hiking elopement, this would be the spot for it.


    Located about 10 miles north of Vail, off a dirt road. One of the most breathtaking locations. A lake with a jaw dropping mountain views, a mountain lake for canoeing and a resident moose if you’re lucky enough to see him. Only open June 21st to the last weekend of September, this is the ideal location for a summer elopement or early fall elopement. There are cabins and glamping tents on site to stay overnight, this is a dream elopement Colorado destination if you are looking for a small venue and possible to host some guest.


    Vail, Colorado has a tagline: ‘Like no place on Earth’ and it lives up to that name. A quaint, European inspired town. If you are looking for a location to get eloped year round., this would be it. It makes for a cozy elopement in the winter months, lush tall green grasses and wildflowers in the summer months or a sea of vibrant golden aspen trees, this is a year round elopement destination. Endless locations to elope, places to stay and activities to include in your elopement day.


    Twin Lakes is nestled in between Buena Vista and Leadville. Two big beautiful lakes with fourteener mountain views, easily accessible. There is a rocky lakeside beach area surrounding the lake. Beautiful mountain views in the distance with sagebrush surrounding the lake. If you are looking for lake views and mountains, Twin Lakes is an excellent location to elope anytime of year.


    Nestled in the mountains, in between Minturn and Leadville. Camp Hale is a great location for a couple that wants an actual venue location for just a couple or an elopement with small guest list. Camp Hale offers a lodge, field and mountain views, as well as full service catering.


    This location is perfect for the couple that wants a glamping experience close to Vail, Colorado. Western inspired glamping tents and endless rolling mountains and easy mountain. This backcountry location can host up to 36 guests or less, with accommodations. Open May-September this would is the ideal location for a Colorado camping elopement.


    Sand dunes in Colorado? You read that right. Great Sand Dunes National Park are the highest sand dunes in all of North America. With towering 13,000 foot mountain peaks in the background, this places is magical. One of my favorite places in all of Colorado. This location makes for a unique and memorable experience. Ideal for a late spring through fall elopement destination.


    One of the most down to earth, Colorado mountain towns. Filled with airbnb rentals, shops, restaurants and easy access to piney forests and mountain views. Boreas Pass is a high mountain pass just outside of Breckenridge. A gravel road lined with Aspen trees taking you to just under 11,500 feet in elevation. Boreas Pass is one of the best location for a sunset elopement.


    A beautiful western landscape, Devils Thumb Ranch would be the ultimate, all inclusive elopement experience. In addition to being a venue, it is also a resort and spa, you’ll have everything you need in one spot. The property is spacious, horses on site, you and your guests can stay on the grounds. Just under 2 hours from Denver, this is the perfect elopement location for just a couple or a small elopement with some guests that want everything in one place.


    Sapphire Point Overlook is located on Lake Dillon. Nestled between Dillon and Keystone and a short drive to Frisco and Breckenridge. This location is easily accessible surrounded by incredible mountain views, piney trees and lake views. There is good reason that this is easily one of the more popular locations to elope in Summit County.


    Towering at over 14,000 feet, Mount Evans Wilderness is the highest paved road in Colorado. The windy road to the top is not for the faint of heart. The top is jagged and rocky with some of the most incredible views in all of Colorado. With epic 360 mountain views, the top of Mount Evans sits high in the clouds. Weather can change quickly here, so be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions. If I had to choose one location in Colorado to elope, this might be the one.


    Located close to Georgetown Colorado, Guanella Pass is one of my favorite passes in Colorado. The high mountain pass is closed end of November through Memorial Day weekend. The perfect escape from the summer heat or the ultimate golden fall retreat, the views at the top of Guanella Pass are a stunning, scenic backdrop for an elopement. There is an abundance of piney tree coves along the way up to the top. An alpine lake, a view of Mount Bierstadt, one of Colorado’s 14ers, wide open meadows. This location is the ultimate Colorado elopement experience. Summer and early fall are the best times of year to elope here.


    Rocky Mountain National Park is the highest national park in the USA. Some of the most gorgeous views, towering over 14,000, endless hikes, open meadows, lakes, Rocky Mountain National Park is a dream location to elope. Trail Ridge Road, Bear Lake, 3M Curve and Dream Lake are just a few of the locations that you can get eloped in the park, however there are a variety of locations and landscapes to choose from. A photography permit is required to photograph and elope in the park so be sure to check the RMNP official website for permit details. Rocky Mountain National Park would be an epic location for an adventurous elopement.


    One of the best and most popular spots and for good reason. About 1 hour from Denver off I-70 west. It is located on the continental divide at just under 12,000 feet in elevation. It has 360 degree mountain views, an alpine lake, scattered piney trees. A wintry mountain dream by winter and a lush green terrain by summer. Loveland Pass gets a lot of weather so be prepared, plan ahead and brings some layers. This is another iconic staple of Colorado. Loveland Pass might be one of my favorite elopement locations.


    A short drive up a steep, windy road just outside of Boulder. This is an easy view point to get to and has some epic views of Rocky Mountain National Park. A jagged, rocky top, this mountain lookout is perfect for a sunrise or sunset session and is accessible all year round. This is a great spot to pair with Chautauqua Park. The view is worth it.


    Garden of Gods is one of the most iconic landmarks in Colorado and a year round elopement destination. With unique beautiful red rock formations, this is a red rock lovers dream. A sunrise ceremony is the best time of day for photos, as the park faces east and also the best time of day to avoid crowds. However, sunset is also a beautiful time of day there and you’ll have Pike’s Peak in the background. Anytime of day, year round, this is one of the most popular locations to elope in Colorado. A photo permit is required to photograph in the park and elope. Be sure to contact the park when you start planning for an elopement here.


    Towering at over 14,000 feet in elevation, Pikes Peak is the highest summit in the southern front range of the Rocky Mountains. You are able to drive to the top of Pikes Peak, with an abundance of pull offs, overlooks, mountain views, lakes. No doubt, you’ll get some epic elopement views if you decide to elope at Pikes Peak. This location may require a permit, so be sure to contact the local rangers office for details on how to obtain one.


    Located in downtown Colorado Springs, Clay Venues is a beautiful urban, industrial space. It is a space that can be molded and curated to whatever elopement theme you’ve been dreaming of. Full of light, exposed brick, high ceilings and natural elements. Endless options to create your dream elopement space. Perfect for just a couple or a small elopement guest list.


    In the heart of the RiNo Art District, Blanc Denver is an urban elopement dream. An urban, industrial city venue with indoor and outdoor options for a ceremony, as well as a small guest list. This space can easily be transformed into an urban city elopement.


    An industrial, urban space with factory windows, exposed rafter and brick walls. There are endless options to transform the space with floral installations or any kind of decor. Moss Denver offers a variety of elopement packages. This is the perfect location for a Denver, Colorado industrial, urban elopement.


    The Realm Denver is an open concept, photo studio with an abundance of natural light. Offering minimalist look, vintage furniture, a bar and endless possibilities to transform the space into a dream elopement space. Perfect for a just a couple eloping or an elopement with small guest list. One of my favorite venue locations in Denver.

    How to plan an elopement in Colorado?

    Pick a Time of Year and Choose a Date

    This will be as important as choosing your elopement location. You’ll want to decide what time of year you’d like to elope, what season and from there make it official and pick an elopement date!

    Book Your Elopement Photographer

    Choosing a date, location and photographer all happen at about the same time. It is important to book an elopement photographer whose elopement photography work you connect with and someone who you connect with on a personal level as well. Many times at elopements it is just the couple and the photographer, so it’s a good idea to start off with open communication and getting to know one another for the best possible photos.

    Choose an Elopement Location

    The best place to start planning is choosing where and when you want to get married. A national park, your favorite spot in the mountains, by the ocean, the possibilities are endless.

    Booking Vendors

    You’ll want to make sure you have the vendors you want. Your vendor list may look a little different than for a big wedding but if you want to get hair and make up, flowers, a cake, private chef, a jeep rental for a 4×4 off road adventure or any other part of your day you’ll want to include.

    Timeline and Photo Planning

    Once you have your date nailed down, we’ll want to figure out what locations you’d like to have photos. Whether that means we split your day and meet up for a sunrise or sunset ceremony and then do your portraits at that time or at sunrise or sunset. The day can be planned any way you want. I’ll help you with all of the photo timing logistics so that you can get the best possible photos of your elopement. Let’s make a day of it!

    How to elope in Colorado?

    Colorado is a self solemnization state. That means that you two are the only witnesses you need to get officially married! No witnesses, officiant or judge needed, you can literally marry yourselves if it’s just you two. You will need to obtain a marriage license from the County Clerk. Otherwise, Colorado is one of the easiest places to elope.

    What should we do for a Colorado elopement?

    Do you want to do an all out Colorado adventure elopement, hike to an alpine lake or summit, go on a 4×4 off roading adventure to a remote location or you want something a little more low key?

    Here are 10 things you can do on your elopement day

    1. Hike to an epic location
    2. 4×4 Jeep off road adventure to a remote location
    3. Bring a picnic
    4. Rent a cool airbnb in your dream elopement location
    5. Hire a private chef
    6. Swim in some hot springs or an alpine lake
    7. Drive to the top of a mountain pass
    8. Take a helicopter ride
    9. Pitch a tent, camp and have a cozy bonfire
    10. Rent a camper van

    Ready to plan your dream Colorado elopement?

    I would love to help you plan and dream up an epic Colorado elopement experience. I am here not only as your photographer but as a resource. I have been photographing weddings and couples for 10 years, 200+ weddings and elopements.

    I love helping out with location recommendations, connecting you with other local wedding vendors, helping put together your elopement day photo timeline to plan for the best possible lighting and experience for your photos.

    If you are thinking about eloping in Colorado, I would love to hear from you and help you plan your dream Colorado elopement!

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